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HR-218 (Titusville)

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HR-218 (Titusville) - 9/12/2019 11:45 AM

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Equipment Requirements: 1) Firearm – The firearm you qualify with must be the same type you will carry.
2) Reloading Device – if qualifying with a revolver it is strongly recommended you use a speed loader (one speed loader). If qualifying with a semi-auto you must have a total of two magazines.
3) Eye protection and ear protection (available from range if necessary)
4) Ammunition – Each qualification attempt requires 40 rounds of ammunition, it is recommended you have enough ammunition for two qualifications attempts (80 rounds). Outside ammunition is allowed at this range or you can purchase your ammunition at this range. Shooters are also responsible for any other fees associated with the use of the range.
5) Holster – the firearm must be carried and drawn from a holster on the body. For safety reasons it is requested that only strong side, outside of the waist band holsters are used. This therefore means you need to wear pants with belt loops and wear a belt. The reload mechanism must also come from on the body, it is recommended you have a magazine or speed loader pouch.
6) Departmental Issued Picture I.D. Card showing you are a retired law enforcement officer/ correctional officer/correctional probation officer.
7) Florida Driver License
Recommended Clothing: Comfortable clothing (Crew neck shirts, long pants, closed toe shoes)
Baseball style cap is highly recommended


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